2023 program

Friday, July 7 Saturday, July 8 Sunday, July 9 Monday, July 10

Mens Sabre V1

Mens Epee V1

Mens Foil V1

Mens Foil V2

Mens Epee V2

Mens Sabre V2

Mens Epee V3

Mens Sabre V3

Mens Foil V3

Mens Epee V4

Mens Sabre V4

Mens Foil V4

Womens Sabre V1

Womens Epee V1

Womens Foil V1

Womens Foil V2

Womens Epee V2

Womens Sabre V2

Womens Epee V3

Womens Sabre V3

Womens Foil V3

Womens Epee V4

Womens Sabre V4

Womens Foil V4

The V3 and V4 competitions may be grouped according to the number of participants.